What Other Parents Have To Say

I has a first time parent were really excited, but very afraid and worried for my son first day at school at RRK. He was very excited and as I left him on the first day tears flowed from my eyes.

He started in September 2012 in Miss Linda Class. As he progressed, I was amazed by his reading, writing, craft and also his loving and caring personality. He had grown to love and also grow very attached to Miss Linda, who is very loving, caring, patient, and treated him like her own child. I must say that Miss Linda puts her heart out to her children and goes all the way out to make everything fun, loving and perfect in what they do.

There is not a day that my child wants to stay at home. He is always excited to go to school. What also amazed me is he started Mathematics this term and was doing addition and subtraction very good. Being an asthmatic child Miss Linda takes very good care of him, and he do not miss a day because of this.

I would highly recommend RRK to anyone, it is the starting foundation for your child at this tender age. Thanks to all the teachers, principal and member’s of staff as well as the board of Reader Rabbit 1& 2 for the year. Special thanks to Miss Linda for this year for what you have done and we look forward to next year with you.

— Ashreena Purdy Sukoorali

My daughter Soriah Emma Ramnath started her pre-school days at the Reader Rabbit Kindergarden in September 2012 after being highly recommended, and under the warm, loving, dedicated and very patient care of Miss Linda Lalchan.

Just looking around, the happy smiling faces says so much about the environment at both Reader Rabbit Kindergarden #1 and #2. From the first day of school till present, I am pleasantly surprised about the level of knowledge gained not only by my daughter, but also of the children who are attending and have attended the school.
The school places great value on community, learning, fun and a child centered approach.

The school not only teaches our kids to read and write, but also places great emphasis on craft, socializing, love and friendship; lifelong skills which would help them to flourish.

Looking ahead, our children are very well equipped to take on the next part of their educational lives. They have strong foundations, and the school, together with us, the parents, have given our children a great start in life. They are learning many priceless lessons, and are able to take on challenges , love learning, be a part of the community, and be loving and caring individuals.

I would sincerely like to thank all the teachers, the principals, the members of staff, as well as the board of The Reader Rabbit Kindergarden #1 and #2 for their hard work and dedication that they have shown in developing the young minds of the future of Trinidad and Tobago, with special mention to Miss Linda Lalchan, who has provided Soriah with the comfort of being away from home at such a tender age.

— Kimberly Singh-Ramnath

Season’s greetings everyone. I would like to share with you my thoughts and experiences with Reader Rabbit Kindergarten School.

My first born was enrolled at the school in 2011 at the tender age of 2 ½ years. She was a very reserved child and as a parent I wanted the very best for her. At first it was a little tough for Ciara. But, as the years went by she grew into a very intelligent, open, helpful, understanding, loving, I would say well- rounded little lady. This would not have been possible if not for the dedication, patience, trust and loyalty of the staff at the Reader Rabbit Kindergarten School.

These are the assets as a parent I looked for in a school. If, not for these qualities I would not have been so eager to enroll my twin daughters Amber and Anjalee in the same establishment. Ciara’s overall achievement at the school was spectacular. She had so many accomplishments that I am overflowing with excitement to see how my twins progress. You see, it’s the little things that the staff takes the time for. I would say the motherly touch, keeps me feeling safe as a parent. And we all need that feeling to keep us going for the day.

My husband and I would like to genuinely thank the staff at Reader Rabbit Kindergarten School for everything they have done for our kids and hope that they move forward as a well-established entity.

— Annil Reena Singh

The Reader Rabbit Kindergarten has provided a safe, healthy learning environment for my precious baby boy. He loves his teacher who exhibits an aura of kindness and patience and is very committed to her role in caring for and educating her students.

The methods used, the pace at which the teacher works and the actual material taught is appropriate for the age and ability of each child. The school also provides a range of extra-curricular activities and my child’s exposure to these has propelled his social, physical and intellectual development.

As a Christian based school, I feel comfortable that the love of God is taught as well as morals and values emphasized.

I am pleased with the professionalism and high standard at which this school operates and their ongoing efforts to ensure excellence because I want only the best for my child.

— Dilli Ann Hunte