Sally Singh
Principal, RR #1

I am Sally Singh, the principal of Reader Rabbit Kindergarten #1. I was a former teacher of the Princes Town Open Bible Kindergarten where I taught for almost twelve years. After I completed high school I attended Servol and acquired my geriatric nursing/ Montessori certificates.  I also attended Sarah’s Secretarial College where I obtained my ECCE certificate.

When I am not at school, I love to travel, enjoy the scenery, meet new people, learn different cultures and their food. I enjoy reading, creative writing, listening to music and going to church among other interest.

I believe strongly in the Lord, that if you open your heart to accept his love, strength and guidance, that your success in life will be prosperous and worthwhile.

My greatest passion and inspiration is to teach, nature and lead children to accomplish life’s greatest challenges that come before them and to have the knowledge to progress. I am grateful to God for the gift He has given me in making a positive difference in children’s lives.