Melanie Nanan

Children are gifts from God and are to be treated as such. Jesus used children as examples to adults because they are quick to forgive and love again. My Name is Melanie Nanan and as I grew older, I also grew a love for children.

I used to babysit for family and friends until one faithful day God put a certain individual in my life that encouraged and motivated me to excel. Her name is Deborah Samlalsingh and she saw my love for children and ability to teach, while I was babysitting her three daughters. She encouraged me to go to south UWI to achieve my certificate in early childhood care and education (ECCE). I started the course and shortly after I acquired a job as a teacher in Carol’s Kindergarten in Couva, where I worked for the next three years until my course was finished and I had my first child.

Being a first time mom I was excited to put into practice what I learned from the ECCE course. When my son was two years old I decided to go back to work. I acquired a position as a teacher at Reader Rabbit Kindergarten. I have been working there for the past four terms and continuing. Teaching can be strenuous, but the reward is far greater, and although they may give trouble at times when they bring me flowers or give me a hug or say I love you miss, it surpasses it all.