Kimberly Mangroo

My Name is Kimberly Mangroo and I am currently employed at Reader Rabbit Kindergarten. I must say being a preschool assistant was never a thought I had, however I love it. I have a background in accounts and worked in that field for some time. When my son was born my life changed. My work career was on hold for some time. As he got older the thought of going out to work again was impossible. We always had a close relationship hence when he started pre-school I was one of those parent who refuse to leave the school compound.

I was offered a position as assistant teacher to help out the teachers and I accepted it without hesitation. I then found an avenue to apply my passion for art and assist the teachers in their craft. Helping develop the children was no pressure at all for me, seeing that I spent most of my childhood being a babysitter for my sister, brothers or my cousins. So although I never took this occupation into consideration it works for me, simply because it’s my calling. So with no further delay I am looking into pursuing my qualification in Early Childhood Care Education.