School Rules

Discipline Policy

  • If a child continues to display in-appropriate behavior, the teacher along with the parents will work together to develop a plan to address such behavior.
  • Corporal punishment is forbidden at the Centre
  • No forms of abuse will be accepted within the centers environment.

General School Rules

  • All visitors must obtain permission from security personnel upon entering school compound.
  • The hours of attendance are 8:00am to 1:00pm. Be mindful that regularity and punctuality bring success.
  • All parents are requested to attend P.T.A meetings as per our itinerary.
  • Any problems arising at school must be reported to the principal/teacher immediately.
  • If your child is absent, late, or leaving the school compound early it is important that the principal / teacher be notified.
  • School uniform must be worn daily except for dates stipulated by the staff. Children are not allowed to wear jewelry.
  • Please provide a change of clothing in case of accidents.
  • Ensure your child does homework both oral and written. You are responsible for the development of your child.
  • All adults should vacate the school compound by 9:00 am.
  • Parents /caregivers must not send money/ies with children under any circumstances to give to the secretary.
  • Parents must promote healthy eating habits for their children by providing them with nutritious snacks /meals and fruit juices instead of soft drinks.
  • Parents should ensure that children are given one (1) fruit.