Registration & Fees


  • Registration will be done during the second term of the academic year (Jan – Mar).
  • Children are accepted at this Centre between the ages of three (3) to five (5) years
  • Children must be fully immunized and toilet trained.
  • A registration fee of fifty ($50.00) is to be paid on the day of registration.
  • Confirmation of acceptance will be given within a two week period. Children registering after the stipulated period will be entered on a waiting list if school places are not available.

Fees & Method of Payment

  • School fees are $1000.00 per term.
  • The school fee of $1000.00 should be paid on the first day of school.
  • If the above payment cannot be met, a payment of at least $500.00 should be made on the first day of school and the remainder of the fees is to be paid by the end of the first month of the said school term.
  • There will be an additional fee of $30.00 to be paid when the child is collected late.
  • Funds/Fees are non–refundable.
  • All school fees are to be paid to the SECRETARY. This policy applies for every school term.

Enrollment & Admission

  • Original birth certificate and immunization card, one copy each.
  • Two passport size pictures of the child.
  • Medical report of any sickness or allergy.
  • A copy of any court order must be provided.
  • One copy of identification card of parents/ caregivers.

Arrival & Departure

  • Parents/Caregivers will be responsible for signing the arrival and departure book at the Centre on a daily basis. Remember, punctuality is very important when delivering and collecting children.
  • In cases of emergency in which an individual who is authorized to deliver and collect the child is unable to do so, a written letter must be submitted to the Centre along with a copy of the individual’s identification card and a written note from the child’s parent. Children will not be released to unauthorized person.
  • Attendance notice must be given for late collection of children; the late fee policy will apply.