About us

Brief History

Our school was established in September of 2006 by the leadership of The New Calvary Tabernacle under the name of “Reader Rabbit Kindergarten”, with thirty (30) students in enrollment. In September of 2012 Reader Rabbit Kindergarten launched its 2nd institution at # 2 St. James Street Princes Town.

Our Philosophy

At Reader Rabbit Kindergarten we believe that all children are capable of learning. We believe that an Early Childhood Care and Education program should aim:

  • To improve the children’s self-esteem by boosting their desire to succeed and to help them to experience love and self-worth, by providing opportunities to enhance positive reinforcement which will build their self-confidence.
  • To develop in the child independence, resource-fullness and competence in the challenges of life.
  • To develop a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is oriented towards the diversity of children, families and communities.
  • To educate parents to better understand the nutritional, physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of their children.
  • To partner with parents, families and community to foster the holistic development of the child.

Our vision is to foster the holistic development of young children by providing a high quality Early Childhood Care and Education programme with the involvement of families and communities.

Mission Statement

The mission of our school is to provide an enriching educational experience and provide quality education for pre-schoolers in a clean and safe environment. To work effectively with families, communities and the Board of Management to create a network with all stakeholders to ensure the delivery of quality care and education for children under our charge.