4 Great Activities for Kids

In addition to the regular school curriculum our co-curricular activities are an integral part of your child's experience at Reader Rabbit Kindergarten. These activities are once a week and the children look forward to them as they are fun and enjoyable.
  1. Computer Classes

    At Reader Rabbit kindergarten we project a standard of excellence when it comes to growing with technology. It excites us to see a three year old become computer literate with precise and sufficient training, hence, we have decided to ...

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  2. Sports

    Karate training is not only helpful for enhancing your physical agility, but it also develops qualities, improves concentration, helps to work under pressure, improves self-esteem, and improves extra circular activities. The training imbibes many other qualities, which will help ...

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  3. Educational Tours

    As part of proper childhood development Reader rabbit Kindergarten organizes at least one educational tour per term where our children are exposed to a variety of locations and environments to stimulate their young minds. Whether it be a factory ...

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  4. Music

    Music class is one of our exciting extra-curricular activities patiently awaited by our students on a weekly basis. They are taught to play the keyboard and drums. The importance of music at Reader Rabbit Kindergarten is to: Develop co-ordination in ...

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