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Reader Rabbit Kindergarten provides high quality Early Childhood Care and Education programme with the involvement of families and communities.

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I has a first time parent were really excited, but very afraid and worried for my son first day at school at RRK. He was very excited and as I left him on the first day tears flowed from my eyes.
He started in September 2012 in Miss Linda Class. As he progressed, I was amazed by his reading, writing, craft and also his loving and caring personality. He had grown to love and also grow very attached to Miss Linda, who is very loving, caring, patient, and treated him like her own child. I must say that Miss Linda puts her heart out to her children and goes all the way out to make everything fun, loving and perfect in what they do.
There is not a day that my child wants to stay at home. He is always excited to go to school. What also amazed me is he started Mathematics this term and was doing addition and subtraction very good. Being an asthmatic child Miss Linda takes very good care of him, and he do not miss a day because of this.
I would highly recommend RRK to anyone, it is the starting foundation for your child at this tender age. Thanks to all the teachers, principal and member’s of staff as well as the board of Reader Rabbit 1& 2 for the year. Special thanks to Miss Linda for this year for what you have done and we look forward to next year with you.

− Ashreena Purdy Sukoorali